Philip Alexander Purser-Hallard MA DPhil

Philip Purser-Hallard is an author, editor and critic. He is responsible for the Devices Trilogy of urban fantasy thrillers, published by Snowbooks and consisting of The Pendragon Protocol (2014), The Locksley Exploit (2015) and Trojans (2016), which pits 21st-century avatars of the Knights of the Round Table against those of Robin Hood’s Merry Men in a battle for the soul of Britain; and for editing The Black Archive (2016- ), a series of critical monographs on individual Doctor Who stories published by Obverse Books, one-and-a-half of which he has also written.

His other long-form work includes Of the City of the Saved... (2004), a novel in the shared-universe Faction Paradox series, and four novellas: Peculiar Lives (Telos Publishing, 2005), Nursery Politics and Predating the Predators (Big Finish Productions, 2007 and 2008) and Horizon, or Señor 105 contra las Momias Locas de Odinhotep (Manleigh Books, 2013). He has also written a large number of short stories featuring characters including Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. He has written for The Guardian, and spoken at the Greenbelt Arts Festival.

Born Philip Alexander Hallard in 1971, Philip has lived in West Sussex, Oxford and Bristol, and acquired various qualifications including a Higher Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Procedures and a Doctorate in English Literature. His roster of prior jobs includes a stint as a researcher for the Revised Oxford English Dictionary. He now edits documents for a non-governmental public body. He is married and has a son.

If anybody wants to pay him to write stuff, he’d love to hear from them.

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