A collection of short stories featuring Professor Bernice Summerfield.

Edited by Simon Guerrier.
Stories by Paul Cornell, Sin Deniz, Cameron Mason, Eddie Robson, Joseph Lidster, Ian Mond, Philip Purser-Hallard, Ben Woodhams, Gregg Smith, Richard Salter, Kate Orman, Ian Farrington, Nick Walters and Stewart Sheargold.

ISBN 1844351092.

Published in 2004 by Big Finish Productions.

Cover by Adrian Salmon.

The war is over. The Braxiatel Collection is back to normal. Better than that, people are all making more of an effort – to rebuild, to get on, to re-establish the Collection at the forefront of academic excellence. Benny and Jason are back together. Life is good.

It's not going to last, is it?

Soon Benny is up to her eyeballs in strange deaths, sinister cults, peculiar love affairs and a Collection full of people who haven't yet stopped fighting.

The collection includes the short story ‘Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants’ by Philip Purser-Hallard:

Bernice's ex- and current husband, Jason Kane, is behaving strangely. He's been reading books for one thing, and Benny suspects he's taken up his lucrative porn-writing career again. But is it really likely that a literary critic would take an interest in Jason's erotic scribblings? What does a mysterious bearded academic want with Bernice? And who the sodding hell is Dr Jonas Neak?


In 2007, ‘Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants’ was reprinted in The Two Jasons, a novel-length sequel to the story by Jason Kane’s creator Dave Stone:

The Two Jasons cover image

‘Oh bloody hell,’ she snapped. ‘Listen: me no wantee good time jig-jig all same, okay?’

When Bernice Summefield first met Jason Kane, she failed to spot his many fine qualities and assets. Over the course of many subsequent adventures, including marriage and divorce, she continued not to see them...

‘You’re not Jason,’ she said. ‘Who the hell are you?’

When Bernice Summerfield first met Jason Kane 2, he was disguised as a critic of the work of Jason Kane. Benny saw through his false moustache and literary pretensions, and had him and his other clones expelled into space, there to make their own fortunes. One Jason Kane was, she felt, rather more than enough.

Now something is astir in the universe, a plot that threatens Benny and all she holds dear. If she stands any chance at all, she needs all the Jason Kanes she can get...


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