A Posthuman Tarot

‘Homo Arcanum: A Posthuman Tarot’ is a sequence of twenty-two 140-character microfictions, originally posted between 19 and 25 April 2010 to celebrate the first anniversary of my Twitter account, trapphic. The stories form a self-consistent future history, inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot pack.

(The Tarot cards reproduced below are from the Rider-Waite deck, and don't particularly relate to the stories. However, you can click on any card for Wikipedia's information on that particular Major Arcana archetype.)

A Posthuman Tarot

The Fool

Chapter 0: Fool

‘Welcome to my stream of consciousness – aka the Tom Fewell Channel. I didn’t read the small print when I signed up with HeadCast. Did you?’

Chapter 1: Magician

‘Genessence, phorm-morph, borganics, ReMes, augMentals – I make them happen.’ Once he’d have been a miracle worker. Now? A personal shopper.

The Magician

The High Priestess

Chapter 2: Oracle

‘Next: LeLa to play Romeo/Juliet in one-person show! “My kids – my pouch,” says marsupial Wendi! And has Vix pupated again? I’m Jaq Boaz...’

Chapter 3: Empress

Men offer themselves to her, unconditionally. She accepts. Her hormones become their will, their minds blank save for her chemical commands.

The Empress

The Emperor

Chapter 4: Tsar

‘The power to ban selected augmentations isn’t draconian, if it’s exercised prudently. It may be your biology, but it’s everyone’s society.’

Chapter 5: Pope

It sits enthroned – a sexless, seraph-winged, eternally youthful unbroken soprano. God never forbade the Church from perfecting His work of creation.

The Hierophant

The Lovers

Chapter 6: Lovers

Erogenous zones blossom – branching like antlers, unfurling like origami. Your ancestors’ genitals are as obsolete as their flint axe-heads.

Chapter 7: Chariot

‘Phaeton’s the first person to leave the solar system...’
‘...The probe was generated from a human-derived genetic source.’
Opinion differs.

The Chariot


Chapter 8: Justice

The penal colony is a flooded cave network. Prisoners are given the necessary adaptations. Justice is blind. Justice has scales – and gills.

Chapter 9: Hermit

His brother in the Kuiper Belt reflects the solar system’s voices to him. Heard from beyond that threshold, humanity sounds isolated, alone.

The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune

Chapter 10: Wheel

‘Lagrange Coliseum’s closing E Ring.’
‘Tough on the hi-grav combat artists.’
‘So what? Non-hom adapts freak me out.’
‘Yeah, all those legs.’

Chapter 11: Strength

‘Sturdy, malleable, the hominid form is our birthright. Abandon it wholly and we cease to be human. Diversity is strength: chaos, weakness.’


The Hanged Man

Chapter 12: Traitor

A hominidist mob hangs the young chimerapunk from a tree, his tendrils and membranes flailing. The tree is horrified, but keeps her silence.

Chapter 13: Death

‘It’s just another transition,’ thinks Phaeton. He activates his parents’ von Neumann protocols, and seeds a foreign star with his humanity.



Chapter 14: Temperance

‘Much meddling is still permitted – yet even increasing strength and lifespan defies our human heritage. We Real Men resist such decadence.’

Chapter 15: Devil

‘Abhuman cells have markers in the junk DNA,’ says Dr Shaitan. ‘Proprietary logos, hallmarks, artists’ signatures. The virus targets these.’

The Devil

The Tower

Chapter 16: Tower

Earth has become at last a monument to uniformity, a construct of identical blocks. When the asteroid arrives, to adapt will be unthinkable.

Chapter 17: Star

They walk its worlds and swim its seas in myriad forms, flitting between them on solar wings. The name it had is lost: they call it Phaeton.

The Star

The Moon

Chapter 18: Moon

Reflective, changeable – sometimes brilliant – her vision mirrors her father’s. She dreams of other systems, and of children yet to be born.

Chapter 19: Sun

‘Here, light is universal. But, beyond our mundane photosphere, the darkness of God’s heavenly night extends.’
(Myth, like biology, adapts.)

The Sun


Chapter 20: Revelation

Our ancestors learnt to augment bodies and minds, but throughout our history the soul has been a constant, impossible to improve. Until now.

Chapter 21: World

Humanity’s descendants fill the heavens. Our life is all there is, and we proliferate eternally. We are the universe. We will be still more.

The World

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