Edited by Stuart Douglas and Lawrence Miles.

Stories by Matt Kimpton, Jonathan Dennis, Jay Eales, Blair Bidmead, David N. Smith and Violet Addison, Stuart Douglas, Scott Harrison, Ian Potter, Daniel O'Mahony, Dave Hoskin, James Milton and Philip Purser-Hallard.

ISBN 9780956560544.

Published in 2011 by Obverse Books.

Cover by Lawrence Burton.

     ‘What’s that? Did I hear you ask what romance has to do with anything, little Cousin? You do surprise me. Why Romance is Story itself, nothing less than that. Romance is the tale with which a cunning man winkles out a widow’s secrets and an honest one breaks his beloved’s heart. Romance locks us away and sets us free, brings us great pleasure and also great pain, is the thread which binds all other stories together. Dear me, little Cousin, I expected better of you...’

     – Godfather Valentine, Dresden, 1928

The collection includes the short story

     ...being an Account of the War between the Citizens of the City of the Saved, fought with Potent Weaponry in the aftermath of the Manfold Incursion; including the Suppression of the Gods, the Mission of the Starship Paramount, the Military Campaigns of Melicia Clutterbuck, Ph.D., and Certain Actions on the part of the Rump Parliament of Faction Paradox, with a full history of the Events at the Bonehall Metalith; featuring Romans, Clones, Hermaphrodites, Assassins, Pirates, Posthumans, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies, Detectives, Giants, Popes, Admirals, Cavemen, Dinosaurs, Baron Frankenstein and a cast of Undecillions.

by Philip Purser-Hallard (with additional contributions)

‘A Hundred Words from a Civil War’ is a sequel to Of the City of the Saved.... It takes the form of a ‘drabbleplex’ – a long short story consisting of 100 hundred-word short short stories.


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