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The City of the Saved is a a secular Heaven in which the entire human population of the universe (past, present, future and other) has been resurrected by technological means. Its street plan is the size of a spiral galaxy, its population as numerous as the stars in the (now late and unlamented) universe. In its wide boulevards and cosy plazas Neanderthals rub shoulders with cyborgs, Cossacks play games of go with retired space pirates, and pharaohs interview Marilyn Monroe clones for their blogs. Culturally and architecturally, ethnically and genetically, politically and technologically, the City is a compendium of everything humanity has ever been and will ever – or indeed could ever – be.

The City of the Saved is an eternal, self-renewing, pacifist, pluralist utopia. For the first few hundred years, anyway...

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