A collection of short stories featuring Professor Bernice Summerfield.

Edited by Nick Wallace.
Stories by Nick Wallace, David N Smith, Philip Purser-Hallard, Mark Deniz, Jonathan Blum, James Swallow, Mags L Halliday, Lance Parkin, Simon A Forward, Steven Kitson, Eddie Robson, Mark Michalowski, John Fletcher, Nick Walters, Simon Bucher-Jones, Ian Mond, Kate Orman and Dale Smith.

ISBN 1844352412.

Published in 2006 by Big Finish Productions.

Cover by Lee Sullivan.

“It might be your name on the deeds, but you don't belong here any more. This is our home, our collection.”

The Braxiatel Collection. It's a museum, art gallery, and academic institute. A home for renowned archaeologists, runaway art thieves, and galactic waifs and strays. It's been a private playground and the battlefield in the fight against tyranny. And now things are changing again.

With the Collection's founder missing, it's up to those left behind to make this place their own. Amidst the chaos of visitors from the far future, dark secrets, old friends and new enemies, Bernice Summerfield must do whatever's necessary to keep the doors open and her family safe. Yet through it all, there's one truth she cannot escape. Braxiatel is gone. And nature abhors a vacuum.

The collection includes the short stories ‘Perspectives: Tribal Reservations’, ‘Perspectives: Quire as Folk’, ‘Perspectives: Forging a Bond’, ‘Perspectives: Intermissions’ and ‘Perspectives: The Injured Party’ by Philip Purser-Hallard; and ‘Future Relations’ by Philip Purser-Hallard and Nick Wallace.

When Irving Braxiatel left his Collection to its own devices, he also left behind a number of loose ends. The loose end Benny Summerfield is currently having to deal with is an extended visit from a group of academics – a routine enough occurence, except for the part where these particular scholars are posthumans from the distant future.

Nigh-incomprehensible ones, predictably enough.

While the Collection's staff struggle to come to terms with aliens who may be their remote descendants, a select few manage to befriend some members of the Quire scholar-clan. But the Collection itself is ‘experiencing difficulties’, and the bonds of friendship can lead to cross-cultural relationships which can become more delicate – or indeed lethal.

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