by Subway Writers

Edited by Jude Simpson and Jane Campion.

ISBN 0954493117.

Published in 2003 by Subway.

Cover by Emma Danby and Chris Merchant.

     ‘Subway is a group of creative writers and interested others seeking to establish a national network of Christian writers and their fellows in the publishing industry. Our goal is to provide a forum for meeting, communicating with and encouraging others, while creating and promoting literature which is simultaneously of the highest artistic standard and informed by a Christian worldview.

     ‘We believe that the general market for literature today lacks a significant Christian presence. We believe that art shaped by a Christian way of life will only make an impact in the marketplace if it is, above all else, good art. And we believe that it is vital for Christ's Church to be present and active on the cultural frontline that is literature.’

The collection includes the short story ‘Scapegoat’ by Philip Purser-Hallard, now online at this site:

     Did Man fall, or was he pushed? Tom, a cheerfully hedonistic liberal Christian, recalls the night when his faith was severely challenged by Sam, an older man whom he met at a party. Sam had a tale to tell of angels, and of events which shook the denizens of Heaven eternities before the creation of humanity – events which seem to cast the Devil in a somewhat unexpected role...

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