Faction Paradox is: a time-travelling fetish cult with a penchant for skull memorabilia; a shared ‘fictional universe’ (though in fact it spans many fictional ‘universes’); and a publishing phenomenon spanning – at current count – three media, eight publishers and multiple fictional formats.

Originally created by Lawrence Miles for his BBC Books Doctor Who novels, the Faction Paradox milieu formed a major part of the series’ background (and that of Virgin Books’ spinoff series, the New Adventures) before being relaunched as a series of novels (published first by Mad Norwegian Press and more recently by Random Static Ltd), audio dramas (released by BBV and subsequently by Magic Bullet Productions), a short-lived comic series (published by Image Comics) and – most recently – short-story anthologies (published by Obverse Books).

A brief explanation of what the Faction actually is can be found here, although the ‘War in Heaven’ in which the Faction’s a reluctant combatant is a larger and stranger settting than the cult itself.

The fiction I’ve written for the the Faction Paradox series includes:

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