My own short story in Iris Wildthyme of Mars, ‘Green Mars Blues’, includes a map of Hooke’s Basin, the region of Mars where much of the action is set. This was done in the style of the maps in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, which gave Marcie Thackrall’s future terraformed Mars some of its flavour. Mostly for my own benefit (in keeping track of the various areographical references), I also created a full-scale map of Marcie’s Mars, which doesn’t appear in the book.

These maps were created, rather painfully, as bitmaps using MS Paint. The end product looks so spookily like those in Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars that I rather suspect this may be how the illustrator created them in the early 1990s.

Hooke’s Basin:

Hooke's Basin

Marcie Thackrall’s Mars:

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