This story was posted to my blog on 8 November 2011.

A drabble is a 100-word piece of fiction (my short story ‘A Hundred Words from a Civil War’ is entirely made out of them). They're named after the novelist Margaret Drabble, but this particular drabble is also about somebody named Margaret.


     ‘We think the killer started with children,’ says the Special Branch officer. ‘Then worked his way up to MPs, and eventually a Minister. Those two lads at the Bullingdon Club were his halfway house.’

     He shifts awkwardly. ‘There’s no other pattern. The two Labour MPs had shared an office and were friends, but there’s nothing special to connect them to poor Mr Major.’ He swallows. ‘The fact is, ma’am, we canít even guarantee your safety.’

     The Prime Minister inclines her head and gives him a chilly smile. ‘Oh,’ she says. ‘I think I’m safe enough for now, Inspector, thank you.’

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