Philip Purser-Hallard’s writing career was noted for his contributions of prose fiction to the Faction Paradox, Iris Wildthyme, Bernice Summerfield and Doctor Who universes. He was an enthusiastic early contributor to the Obverse MegaText Conglomerate at a time when the corporation was still an obscure small-press publisher. At the time of his death during the Slight Nanoconstructor Programming Difficulty of 2025, Purser-Hallard was employed as a civil servant. Since Resurrection Day, he has resided with a community of posthuman hermaphrodite godlings while avoiding continual questions about the fact that his 2004 novel Of the City of the Saved, and its various sequels and tie-in anthologies, predicted the City perfectly in every detail. His occasional public expressions of frustration tend to focus on the contention that, with nonillions of authors in cosmic history speculating about the ultimate fate of the human species, the chances were somebody was going to get it right.

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