Beyond the end of time humanity lives on, its every member resurrected by unknown and unfathomable technologies. Its new domain – a single urban sprawl whose street-plan is as broad as a spiral galaxy – has been provocatively dubbed “The City of the Saved”. Back in the Universe a history-collapsing War may rage between inhuman cultures; but here the dead of every human species, from tool-wielding australopithecines to posthuman philosopher-gods, live afterlives of perfect serenity.

     Now, nearly three centuries have passed since Resurrection Day. Few Citizens give any thought to the City’s Founders, the so-called “Secret Architects”, and their inscrutable motives – certainly not Laura Tobin, a private investigator from one of the more embarrassing Districts. Tobin has been contracted by Godfather Avatar, an antlered and sardonic elder statesman of Faction Paradox, to investigate the inexplicable murder of Councillor Ved Mostyn – an event which ought, within the City’s bounds, to have been strictly impossible.

     Meanwhile, a City-born Neanderthal named Julian White Mammoth Tusk has been charged with locating the Lost Planet of Erath, thought to lie in one of the City’s larger Parks; the eminent comparative humanologist Dr Melicia Clutterbuck finds herself organising a guerilla war within the secessionist District of Manfold; and Urbanus Ignotus, a junior accountant in his family’s lucrative gladiatorial business, will soon become embroiled in the disorienting world of industrial espionage.

     Featuring political conspiracy, space combat, nameless creeping horror and a cast of undecillions, Of the City of the Saved... is the second in the series of original Faction Paradox novels.

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