PLEASE NOTE that, if you read these notes ahead of the book itself, you will encounter SPOILERS.


Page 244
Ex Cathedra: Literally “out of the throne”, the term used when the Pope or another bishop is speaking from his ecclesiastical function, and thus with divine authority. The multitudinous babble of the Voces Populi has been replaced by a single voice, imposing its will on others.

The format of this first epilogue is intended to recall Hansard, the complete record of parliamentary proceedings in the British Houses of Parliament.


Page 246
Dear Baal: In the Old Testament, Baal is the god of the Philistines and the most popular rival to Jehovah. In fact, the name “Baal” simply means “Lord”, and was a title shared by numerous tribal gods in the Middle East.

Page 248
Hand in expressive hand: I admit it – this final paragraph is a deliberate echo of the ending of John Milton's Paradise Lost, where Adam and Eve are cast out of paradise:

They hand in hand, with wand'ring steps and slow,
Through Eden took their solitary way.

So – I'm pretentious sometimes. Maybe you'd like to sue me.


Page 249
The Acknowledgements were originally preceded by A Note on Magnitude. In my original MS, the section was also longer: as well as all the people who provided practical help, it mentioned more of the books which inspired Of the City of the Saved.... I feel I should at least record this sentence:

My writing, here and elsewhere, has been infected beyond hope of cure by the vast accumulation of sf texts Iíve read: in particular, the influence of Mary Shelley, Olaf Stapledon, Arthur C. Clarke, Samuel Delany, Bruce Sterling, Iain Banks, Ken Macleod, Ben Aaronovitch and, of course, Philip K. Dick will be (perhaps all too) visible.

My debt to all the writers mentioned here is substantial.


Pages 250-51
I was very pleased when Lance Parkin chose to set the preview to his novel Warlords of Utopia in the City of the Saved. Lance is a writer I've always admired, and to have him taking my concepts seriously was enormously flattering. (I'm still trying to work out whether he's pastiching my style here, though.) As well as forming an appendix to Of the City of the Saved, Lance's preview can also be found online at the Mad Norwegian Press site.

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