The “sidebars” – that is, substantial marginal notes providing supplementary information – in Of the City of the Saved... take the form of excerpts from various reference texts supposedly published in the City of the Saved (for another example of this, see my Faction Paradox page). It's a stylistic trick which matches well with the information-dense milieu of the City itself.

The first of the passages which follow is an excerpt from Who's Who in the City of the Saved, which in the published novel provides us with similar mini-biographies for Councillors Ved Mostyn, Mesh Cos and Allisheer St Marx, and for Professor Anthony Fisher. This entry for Councillor Cassius Ignotus is certainly less interesting than those, which is why it was cut – although it would have provided the novel's first mention of Mappamundi Park.

The second and third passages are excerpts from The Megalopolis Guide, a City gazetteer compiled and presented by artificial intelligences. Surviving extracts in the novel can be found in the sidebars to Chapters 2 and 59. These two were eliminated at the late editing stage, when we were concerned with bringing down the novel's word count. Largely because I'd found myself rather enjoying writing the AIs' dialogue, I wrote more of the Guide extracts than were strictly necessary, and these sidebars contribute little by way of actual information. They may still be entertaining, however.

All three of these sidebars were restored to the text as part of the 2013 ebook edition.

(Sidebar to Chapter 12)

IGNOTUS, Cllr. Lucius Cassius, soldier, politician and businessman; head of the Ignotian family and CEO of the Ignotian Corporation; member of the Senate of the Romuline Dist. from AF†51; Consul from AF†104; Rdt for the Romuline Dist. (by limited election) from AF†142; Cllr. from AF†282; b Rome 108†BC, s of Gaius Cassius Ignotus and Calpurnia d of Septimus Rufus; m 79†BC, Livilla d of Gaius Livius Sulla (she d 67†BC); six s four d. Educ: private tutor. Served under Pompeius Strabo in the Social War 90-88†BC. Senator of the Roman Republic 79-61†BC. d Rome 61†BC; r the Romuline Dist., S. Quarter; m res. Livilla; seven s nine d. Founded Ignotian Corporation, AF†2. Endowed Ignotian Arena, the Romuline Dist., AF†40. Publications: On Vulnerability, AF†81; The Life of Cato, AF†132; On the Religion of Civitata, AF†203. Recreations: swimming, javelin, rare carnivore breeding, hillwalking, the media, the games. Addresses: Villa Ignota, the Romuline Dist.; CVII Sacra Via, Nova Roma, Mappamundi Great Park; Apt. 133, Councillorsí Quarters, Council House, Central Dist. Clubs: Legionaries, Saureador, Globalists, Mappamundi Restoration, Hundred Citizens.

[Who's Who in the City of the Saved.]

(Sidebar to Chapter 22)

LIEF: Come to sunny Kempes District! Thatís what they say, isnít it Krish?

KRISH: They certainly do, Lief, yes. And, on the handful of days each August when Kempes actually is sunny, itís not such bad advice. Thereís sea, specifically the Thule Marine Park, thereís a beach with a certain amount of sand between the pebbles and the low-tide line, and there are outdoor pursuits, including crazy golf if youíre feeling quite dizzy with your own daring. Be careful actually going in the sea, though – it isnít hugely clean. Plus around half of Kempesí people are aquatic, and you could end up trespassing in someoneís private property.

LIEF: Fantastic.

CATRIONA: Unfortunately, when it rains in Kempes, it really rains. And Ė unless youíre amphibious like the other half of the population – your options for entertainment are pretty poor. The cinemaís poky, the couple of theatres donít exactly draw in the big names, and thereís only so many times you can enjoy looking at the polydimensional model railway on the South Pier. At least the seaweed doesnít smell so badly when itís raining, though, so, if you are of the web-footed persuasion, Kempes might be a good bet for a Spring break. You can practice your golf in the driving rain.

LIEF: Badum-tschh.


[The Megalopolis Guide (14:12 08/04/291).]

(Sidebar to Chapter 77)

LIEF: Right. I know weíve said it before about other places, but this time it really is true Ė if itís sights youíre after, you canít do better than the Romuline District.

TRISH: Thatís right, Lief!

LIEF: Oh, yeah – as you know, Krish has left us due to artistic differences and wonít be appearing on The Megalopolis Guide any more. Heís gone off to present a chat show on... where was it, Catriona?

CATRIONA: Just some minor media channel, Lief.

LIEF: Right. So, this is Trish.

TRISH: Hi there, itís wonderful to be here! Thatís right, Lief, if what youíre wanting is to look at loads of beautiful buildings, museums, works of art, all that stuff, then the Romulineís where itís at. Thereís more bridges, baths, temples, palaces, statues, marbles, and mosaics here than you can shake a really long stick at. Great!

CATRIONA: Yes. If youíre arriving in the Romuline for the first time, youíll want first of all to check out the Via Romulina, the Districtís central thoroughfare and hub. The market-stalls along the Via offer all the souvenirs and postcards youíll need for the duration of your stay –

TRISH: So stock up at the start and save yourself time later!

CATRIONA: – and theyíre a great place to find accommodation, tickets, guide-books, local escorts and recommendations for all the best restaurants, theatres, whatever. As you start along the Via from the Civil Gate the first public building youíll come to is the Theatre of Roscius...

[The Megalopolis Guide (20:36 09/04/291).]

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