Of the City of the Saved... is introduced by eighteen “Voces Populi” (“Voices of the People”): the bewilderingly diverse clamour of the Citizens, expressing their varied viewpoints, prepares the way for the polyphony of the novel itself. These also provide the reader with essential information about the City of the Saved, supposedly establishing the foundations needed for understanding the book's plot.

The three passages below were eliminated from the “Voces Populi” in the late editing stage. It was felt that each of them duplicated information provided elsewhere, contributing little of its own apart from a joke or two. I think the section is tighter without them – but here they are, for completeness' sake. They were restored to the text as part of the 2013 ebook edition.


‘...so, she and I got talking. I mean, I talked, she waved her hands about, you know? I ainít never gotten used to that. You got to be real careful you donít slip up, too – these Erects may act dumb but they ainít sure ainít deaf. So, she was there with her girlfriends – some Neanderthal, some Sapiens and a real sexy posthuman chick, Adapt I guess, with these goddamn writhing tentacles and a couple real nice pairs of tits... so hey, I figured they were looking for a good time, you know? I mean, shit, forgive me...’

#: > I locate the recharge point. There are 2 booths: 1 is occupied. > I enter the unoccupied booth > I place a 10-disc piece into a slot > I link myself to the power source. I {hear the hum†| feel the glow} of my machinery powering up. [Communication from unit HiImSady2203: "HEY QT LETS GET 2GETHER! RU FULL OR Ĺ DUPLEX?!?".] > I tune into the local media > I download an informative item about joint sealants. #

‘My brother, he lives in Opensky Park, you know it? A little village built there by my people. There is sun there, there is real blue sky, and rivers and forests and fields. So far away from anywhere, you would not believe you were in the City. He must drive three thousand miles to the nearest Tube stop, you know? Opensky is not one of the big Parks, but it is big enough. He has a little two-seater plane. He sends me grapes, and olives, and cheese. He makes wine, he and his wife, from the grapes. They press it themselves, with their bare feet, you know? Youíd like to try some? It is very good...’

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