Philip Purser-Hallard has written science fiction, criticism, comedy sketches and an inordinate number of emails. His first novel, Of the City of the Saved..., was published in 2004. His other published works include short fiction in The Book of the War, A Life Worth Living and Wildthyme on Top.

     A long-term reader, fan and critic of science fiction, he gained his doctorate from Oxford University by writing on The Relationship between Creator and Creature in Science Fiction. This thesis, which examined the work of Olaf Stapledon, George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells among others, earned him the right to put the very appropriate initials ‘MA DPhil’ after his name.

     His comedy has been performed on the Edinburgh Fringe, and he has spoken on ‘Science Fiction and the Bible’ at the Greenbelt Arts Festival. He has been employed as a tutor, secretary, church caretaker and researcher for the revised edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. He now works as a library assistant in Bristol in South-West England, where he lives with his wife and cats.

     His website, which will shortly incorporate some exclusive material relating to Peculiar Lives, can be found at

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