A collection of short stories featuring the Doctor.

Edited by Simon Guerrier.
Stories by Simon Guerrier, Philip Purser-Hallard, Ben Aaronovitch, Eddie Robson, Jonathan Clements, Ben Woodhams, Joff Brown, Marc Platt, Matthew Sweetand Andrew Cartmel.

ISBN 1844352358

Published in 2006 by Big Finish Productions.

Cover by Stuart Manning.

Time Signature Mus.
I: an indication of rhythm following a clef, expressed as a fraction with the denominator defining the beat as a division of a semibreve and the numerator giving the number of beats in each bar.

A city destroyed by time itself. A country torn apart by revolution. A man in a boat with a biscuit tin...

The Doctor doesnít just change the lives of those around him, his actions echo through history. Shaping the universe, changing it, rewriting in his own hand.

But making it better? Itís a good job he never sticks around for long afterwards.

And yet, for all that the universe may be infinite, for all he keeps moving, the Doctor canít outrun the consequences forever.

The collection includes the short story ‘The Ruins of Time’ by Philip Purser-Hallard:

     ‘But that doesnít make any sense, Doctor. Time isnít a commodity, to be shared around like that!’
     ‘Isnít it, my boy? And yet you humans talk of spending time and saving it, of sparing time for others or keeping it to yourself. You even have a saying about “time burning a hole in your pocket”, isnít that so?’
     ‘No, Doctor, thatís money.’
     ‘Oh, is it? Oh. But then you also say that “time is money,” donít you, hmm? If you people could buy and sell time itself, then Iím quite sure you would. These people can.’

This story features the first Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan.

The first ‘episode’ of ‘The Ruins of Time’, ‘The Twilight City’, was also published in Short Trips: The Centenarian as a preview of Short Trips: Time Signature.

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