A collection of short stories featuring Iris Wildthyme.

Edited by Paul Magrs.
Stories by Justin Richards, Jake Elliot, Philip Purser-Hallard, Stephen Cole, Stewart Sheargold, Craig Hinton, Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Jacqueline Rayner and Jonathan Blum.

ISBN 1844351556.

Published in 2005 by Big Finish Productions.

Cover by Stuart Manning.

Iris is an enigma... She's an enigma wrapped in a mystery. With a shapeless, tasteless hat clamped to her head. She's an enigma wrapped in a mystery, with a shapeless, tasteless hat clamped her head and she's puffing on a gold-tipped black Sobranie.

And she drives a big red double-decker bus, ostensibly bound for Putney Common. Except it's not. She's been to Putney Common precisely once and that was by accident. That was when she picked up Tom, who is now her best friend.

Together they journey through the multiverse: boozing and fighting; righting wrongs and buggering things up again. Here, in their first exciting anthology of ludicrous adventures they meet monsters, klllers, ambassadors, insect-things, detectives, weirdos, psychics, fiends and sundry perverts.

The collection includes the short story ‘Minions of the Moon’ by Philip Purser-Hallard:

Miss Iris Wildthyme’s jaunts through time and space with her friend Tom have left them both well-versed in history’s vagaries. But when they face the sight of Queen Elizabeth I welcoming ‘envoys from the lunar sphere’ into her court, the pair are at a loss.

It may be history itself is near collapse, but Iris couldn’t give a toss. The old Queen needs a mentor (and chauffeur) for England’s delegation to the Moon – and Iris learns the satellite is her and Tom’s idea of Heaven. Pretty soon she’s out carousing and, well, partying her socks off.

She may even get to sing...


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